Outdoor Advertising

While walking in the market or driving to work or simply going for a walk; we all have seen huge billboards, glow signs, posters on vehicles on the bus stops installations at mall entrances and big buildings. All these are part of outdoor advertising. Outdoor or as popularly known out of home (OOH) advertising that focuses to reach the consumer when he is outdoors. It is an important part of any advertising campaign. Its purpose is to make customer aware of brands and keep hammering in his memory what he is already aware of.  The Outdoor Advertising Association of America says that consumers spend 70% of their time outdoors. So it is important to catch them there. There are different types of Outdoor Advertising Medium. They are:

Billboard Advertising

These are extremely efficient and cost effective means of communication of your brand. They offer result driven advertising. They are generally placed on sides of roads where they get undivided attention of the passersby.  Billboards work well alone or in tandem with T.V., radio, internet and mobile.

Street Furniture

It consists of bus shelters, benches, news racks, telephone booths, mall kiosks. This sort of advertising connects with consumer at more intimate level and offers wider reach. It is beneficial for society too as earning from this sort of advertising is spent on building and maintaining all these facilities.


It is basically advertising on moving vehicles such as buses, trucks, taxis, autos and in Mumbai Metro trains also. Though static yet advertising on railway station and bus stand too come under this category. Airport Advertising, ads on tickets and other paraphernalia related to travelling are part of it. Ad is highly visible and effective


It is done on two main platforms, one is digital place based networks and other is Digital Billboards and Signage. They too are equally beneficial for the place owner where they are displayed and the advertiser as they directly communicate to consumer.


Other than these, there are aerial advertising, billboard bicycles, town crier, posters, and lamp post banners plus wallscapes also.


Outdoor Media Advertising not just convey the company’s brand image but helps the business get discovered and found also.