Newspaper Advertising Agency
A promotional print that is run in daily or weekly newspapers is called Newspaper Advertisement. It is one of the oldest forms of advertising. It holds a place of prime importance for the business people. Advancement of technology has opened many new mediums for advertising such as Online Advertising, TV etc. But these are for masses and Print Advertising is for a specific target audience. Precisely, that’s why print ad agencies are flourishing by day and night. As far as paper is concerned, advertising generates approximately 70 -80% of newspaper’s total revenue. There are many types of print ads which you can opt for.

Types of print ads

1.)   Classified Ads-

These are short ads which appear on the specific page for classifieds. There are text classifieds which consist of three or four lines of text only and then there are display classifieds which have some small images with text as well. These are run for a specific time period and take less space so they are considered cost effective and efficacious. These are best suited for personal requirements such as buying/selling property/vehicle, name change etc.

2.)   Display Ads-

These are big ads which could appear on any page of newspaper except on editorial, obituary or classified page, in quarter, half or full page as desired by advertiser. It may contain text, image, and logo with other information regarding product or service it is promoting. These are basically used by big establishments for retail, branding, tender/public notice, special appointments etc.

3.)   Spotlight Ads-

These are ads with highlighted background to make them stand apart. They are generally put in classified section only, but a bit costlier than classifieds.

4.)   Business card Ads-

These are of a size of business card with thick outlines. They grab attention at once due to strong outlining and could be placed anywhere in newspaper.

How Ads are Charged-

Newspaper Ads are charged as per space they occupy in the paper, generally per cm2, for display ads it is modified into page space to make the conversion simpler such as 1/8 page, quarter page, half page or full page. Noble Publicity is one of the best Newspaper Advertising Agency in Mumbai.

This is a brief info on newspaper advertising; this charming world of written word is here to stay. No advancement can replace it as it is the base for all the development.